October 2, 2010

To whom it may concern:

It's real simple, if you want your roof done right and by someone who cares as much as you do about detail, materials used, and overall quality of the job, then choose Bud Hartman and Nuwest roofing. Now, for those of you like me who need to read on and rarely take anyone's word for anything, let me explain why.

My search for a roofing company started just like everyone's...I read reviews, I looked at the better business bureau website, I looked at Tom Martino's website etc. After that I narrowed it down to about three companies that sounded perfect. One never showed up after setting an appointment with me! Another showed up but might as well have been selling bibles as the individual could only answer the long list of questions that I had with a "deer in headlights" look and a "oh I'll have to ask about that" or a "oh is that how they would do it?" The third, you guessed it, showed up and it was Bud with Nuwest roofing. Immediately I knew this was the company I was going to choose to work on my house (my baby in old town Longmont). I went through my list of questions with Bud and he not only answered them but gave me reasoning for every single item on my list.

After Bud answered all my questions, we decided on a start date and the Crew showed up. As I own a very old house, this was NOT any easy job. The crew had to completely remove three previous roof layers including one wood shake layer, re-deck the entire roof with plywood (which has many difficult peaks/valleys), and in case it rained overnight, cover the entire roof in base felt before they left on the first day. To ensure that this was done, Davey and the Crew worked well past dark and Bud even called that night to make sure that I was happy with the way things were progressing! From here on out is was simply smooth sailing. There was attention to detail and follow through on every single item I asked to be completed. This means things like the ridge vent, fixing of the fascia board, copper flashing, edge metal, and shingling were done with as much care as if I were up there marching around myself. Trust me, I am a "tire kicker" to say the least and I would even get up on the roof after the crew had left for the day or before they showed up in the morning and the work was perfect!

Now, I could write pages about the level of perfection I observed, but I will spare you that and leave you with these final thoughts...There are other roofing companies out there and if you want to take an unnecessary gamble, use them as I don't care it is not my house! However, if you want the job done right and without any hassle, there is no decision to be made...YOU NEED TO GO WITH NUWEST ROOFING! Thank you Bud!

Kenny M. Longmont, CO